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Mark Manson

Ernest Becker and Feminism

Aspects of Ernest Becker’s works invoke regressive patriarchal ideologies that reinforce the institutionalized pattern of male dominance in society. The Ernest Becker Foundation does not endorse such regressive views and recognizes and supports gender equality as a fundamental human right. In this section, the EBF seeks to open a dialogue about the problematic aspects of Becker’s work in regard to feminist issues, and explore how Becker’s insights inform our understanding of women’s rights issues and unequal treatment.

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Harry Potter art by Bryn Bandt-Law

The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed is Death

It was invariably poignant growing up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they battled dark wizards and teen angst, and I long for the magical world Rowling revealed to us. The finale of the series, however, opened the door to another unexpected world: the role of death in life. Mortality is a driving force behind Rowling’s characters’ actions, and I couldn’t help consider whether death exerts a similar influence over non-magical humans. This led to the inevitable Google search: ‘how do humans deal with the fear of death?’ and my discovery of Ernest Becker.

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