About Us


Established in 1993, the Ernest Becker Foundation seeks to advance understanding of how the unconscious denial of mortality profoundly influences human behavior. Ernest Becker laid the foundation for this work in his Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Denial of Death.


At the behest of a patient, the founder of the Ernest Becker Foundation (EBF), Dr. Neil Elgee, M.D., read Becker’s The Denial of Death in the mid-1970s. The book stunned him and as a result he made quantum leaps in his organizing principles, ways of thinking, belief systems, understanding of the human condition, practice of medicine, and in all of his deep meaning “realities.”

Team and Boards

The EBF’s leadership includes a small staff as well as a Board of Trustees and Advisory Board whose members contribute their time, talent, and expertise to help advance understanding of Ernest Becker’s theories and their academic and practical legacies.


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