Established in 1993, the Ernest Becker Foundation advances understanding of how the unconscious denial of mortality profoundly influences human behavior. Ernest Becker laid the foundation for this work in his Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Denial of Death.

What does the Ernest Becker Foundation do?

Raises awareness among leaders, policy makers and the general public concerning the effects of our denial and fear of death on individual and societal behavior. Through public education, outreach and partnerships we offer Becker’s understanding of human motivation as a catalyst for self-awareness and social change to foster a healthier and more peaceful world.

Serves as the central hub and resource for people worldwide interested in Ernest Becker’s work. This includes teachers and academics across disciplines, end-of-life caregivers, “death positive” groups working to challenge our culture’s systemic denial of death, social change agents critical of the effects of destructive heroism, and all people influenced by Becker’s writings.

Supports projects to advance the practical and academic legacies of Becker’s work. Examples include the award-winning film Flight From Death, research on Terror Management Theory, publication of The Ernest Becker Reader and partnership with Saybrook University to encourage Becker scholarship.