Applying Becker’s Insights in 2018

Conversing at the death salon

EBF Executive Director Deborah Jacobs (left) at Seattle Death Salon
Photo by Teresa Mathiesen

As the EBF ends another year of work advancing Becker’s theories and their applications to our modern lives, we ask you to support our efforts with a generous donation.

Now, more than ever, it is important to contribute resources towards refining and communicating  our understanding of human motivation and behavior in an increasingly interconnected yet conflict-ridden world.

In our recent newsletter centered on Feminism and Becker, we highlighted how Becker’s synthesis can help us see the root causes of, and subsequently dismantle,  patriarchal and oppressive systems and behaviors. We also opened a discussion around the regressive aspects of some of Becker’s works.

We have invested in our communications work, adding team member Bryn Bandt-Law, to bolster our social media presence. We have formed connections with Becker fans from various disciplines, sharing the modern extensions of Becker’s work through special features on our website, including our recent interview with New York Times best-selling author Mark Manson. We continue to build partnerships with related organizations, this year co-sponsoring the Becker-inspired Death Salon hosted in Seattle.

In the coming year we hope to continue our focus on social issues and examine topics such as the environment, racial and ethnic discrimination, and violence through a Becker lens.  We are also committed to continuing to support individuals and partners who promote and extend Becker’s legacy in our communities.

Interest in the work of the EBF continues to grow, and we gain new friends and followers every day. The EBF serves as a critical resource for countless people who discover Becker’s work, many of whom come with a real sense of urgency, needing to understand more, and wanting to meet others who have experienced the profundity of Becker’s analysis of human behavior.

The EBF team remains small but mighty, comprised of volunteers and three part-time workers. We are grateful to benefit from the continued guidance and enthusiasm of our founder Dr. Neil Elgee, as well as our Board of Trustees.

Thank you for your support of the Ernest Becker Foundation, we are deeply grateful for this community and for the opportunity to do this work.

Deborah Jacobs