Kyle Roberts (Ph.D.) is Schilling Professor of Public Theology and the Church and Economic Life at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. Roberts has published essays on Kierkegaard and modern theology, including several essays in the series Kierkegaard Research: …

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All Roads Lead to Becker

The Denial File | July 22, 2015

An Interview with Bill Bornschein Bill Bornschein is a long-time supporter of the Ernest Becker Foundation who teaches religion and philosophy at St. Xavier High School in Louisville, Kentucky. He graciously agreed to share some of his thoughts and experiences …

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Who Needs Humanities?

Phil Hansten | February 3, 2013

It is the debate that never dies. With finite (and often dwindling) resources for university and K-12 education, legislators and educators make cuts. Sadly, we invariably round up the usual suspects and haul them off to the gallows: music, art, …

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Three Scenes from a School Day

Bill Bornschein | September 14, 2012

For this post I’d like to share three distinct  Becker-related observations from a day at school. They do not  come together to form an overarching theme; rather, they demonstrate the breadth of application that a Beckeresque  perspective provides. Alternately, they …

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Adolescents and the Scale of Heroism

Bill Bornschein | August 22, 2012

As many of us embark upon a new school year it feels appropriate to reflect on healthy heroism. Late adolescence is a time of vital dreaming when the armor of character is formed. The purity and power of the hero’s …

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Choose Your Illusions with Care

Bill Bornschein | December 16, 2011

“Choose your illusions with care, tend them with wisdom, and may The Farce be with you.”  With this blessing (curse?) I end my classes each semester. It encapsulates the approximate takeaway I wish for the students. The first clause references …

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