“I Am Not an Animal!” The Signature Cry of Our Species

Michael Mountain & Lori Marino | December 6, 2016

(On February 24-25, 2017, the writers of this post are holding a symposium in Atlanta on the topic of how our destructive behavior toward our fellow animals and the planet is driven by anxiety over our own mortality and our …

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The Cosmic Hero as Mystical Ideal

Victor Carrington | March 14, 2016

A. Review of the Humanistic and Existential Themes Themes in humanistic and existential psychology focus on the essential nature of man, as descriptive rather than explanatory or applied theories, and on the innate potential for growth through self-awareness. Self-awareness is …

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Choose Your Illusions with Care

Bill Bornschein | December 16, 2011

“Choose your illusions with care, tend them with wisdom, and may The Farce be with you.”  With this blessing (curse?) I end my classes each semester. It encapsulates the approximate takeaway I wish for the students. The first clause references …

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TDF Guest | December 7, 2011

September 11, 2001, was all about death. While humans share with all forms of life a basic biological predisposition toward self-preservation, we are exceptional in our capacity for symbolic thought, for pondering the past, planning the future, and transforming the …

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Bad Moon Risin’

Bill Bornschein | October 11, 2011

This post begins with a sense of melancholy born of a reluctant realization that both Ernest Becker and Richard Heineberg are correct in their respective analyses. Becker synthesized the insights of the master cartographers of the human condition and took …

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