Example Syllabi


HUMT 3020 “Theological Perspectives on the Person” – Seattle University – Daniel Peterson

“You’ll probably want to pay attention to the syllabus schedule in particular: 1/22 and 1/25. There you’ll see the three big names of Becker, Solomon, and Kesebir. Why include them in a theology course on the human condition? The answer is this: Becker draws on Tillich and Niebuhr, both of whom dealt extensively with the topic of existential anxiety as well as how to face it through courage (Tillich) and humility (Niebuhr). I want my students to see how, in this case, a cultural anthropologist not only draws on theologians but–by including Solomon and Kesebir–how empirical evidence confirms the view. I’m also especially interested in Kesebir’s proposed solution to the problem of pride (which accentuates death anxiety) and her appeal to religion as a resource that can help cultivate humility (which reduces death anxiety). It lines up nicely with the theological perspectives we’re considering in units one and three.”

EL230 “Evil, Death, and Alienation” – United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities – Kyle Roberts


PSYC 4432 “Personality” – St. Mary’s University – Brad Peters

EHTP 2048 “The Visionary Psychology of Ernest Becker” – Saybrook University – Ed Mendelowitz


HONR 494 “Death Becomes Us: The Mystery of Mortality and the Need for Meaning” – Montana State University – Thomas P. Donovan