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“The Surprising Ways Death Shapes our Lives”

BrainCraft is a PBS Digital Studios series exploring psychology, neuroscience and why we act the way we do.

“Character is a Vital Lie” and “The Human Condition”

Jason Silva is a media artist, futurist, philosopher, keynote speaker and TV personality.
He is the creator of Shots of Awe, a short film series of “trailers for the mind” that serve as philosophical espresso shots exploring innovation, technology creativity, futurism and the metaphysics of the imagination. Shots of Awe has received more than 13 million views. He is also the Emmy nominated host of National Geographic Channel’s hit TV series Brain Games, airing in over 100 countries.

Sheldon Solomon at Town Hall Seattle

Sheldon Solomon speaks on Terror Management Theory, Ernest Becker, and his new book, The Worm at the Core.

Flight From Death

Narrated by Golden Globe Winner Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects, HBO’s In Treatment, Miller’s Crossing), this 7-time Best Documentary award-winning film is the most comprehensive and mind-blowing investigation of humankind’s relationship with death ever captured on film. Hailed by many viewers as a “life-transformational film,” Flight from Death uncovers death anxiety as a possible root cause of many of our behaviors on a psychological, spiritual, and cultural level.

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