Furthering Becker’s Legacies in 2017

Ernest BeckerThank you for your support of the Ernest Becker Foundation (EBF). You’re part of a growing community of people interested in Becker’s work, Terror Management Theory (TMT) and the complexities of human behavior. We hope that you will continue your support of the EBF with a generous financial donation during our year-end fundraising efforts.

This year has had ups and downs for the EBF. Notably, we had to say goodbye to Lee Elgee, who died in the spring. Her contributions made the success of the EBF possible, and she left a legacy of love and positivity on the EBF community.

Working under its new strategic plan, the EBF developed several remarkable projects in 2016.

For the coming year, we have a number of exciting projects on deck:

  • In response to regular inquiries about Becker’s life we will publish a series of videos featuring retired Simon Fraser University Prof. Jack Martin discussing Becker’s life with a focus on his years at SFU. The EBF has also commissioned a biography of Becker, currently in the interview phase.
  • With a growing audience and more young people discovering Becker and Terror Management Theory, we will focus this year on bringing a Becker lens to current affairs with a web feature discussing death anxiety in the context of issues like climate change, discrimination, violence and mental health.
  • Another highlight for the coming year will be the development of an EBF “Ask an Expert” column responding to some of the many inquiries we receive each year looking for Beckerian analysis on an array of religious and social issues. See our first column here.

These highlights are just a few of the projects we have on tap for 2017. We also will continue to bolster the EBF website, support the TMT community and engage newcomers, young and old, to Becker and the EBF. We hope that you find these efforts worthy of your financial support, which we depend on to sustain the EBF, and we look forward to furthering Becker’s legacies during 2017 and beyond.