On October 2–4, the Ernest Becker Foundation co-sponsored Simon Fraser University’s public conference, Death, Ideologies and Cultures: The Legacy of Ernest Becker in Vancouver, B.C.

The conference kicked off Friday night with keynote speaker Sheldon Solomon on his new book, The Worm at the Core (written with Jeff Greenberg and Tom Pyszczynski), followed by a reception.

Saturday and Sunday speakers included Jack Martin on Becker’s work at SFU, David Loy on Buddhist reflections on denial of death, and Hilda Fernandez on the symbolic order and the Freudian drive, among others. The conference also featured panels on topics such as: transcending death denying meanings and projects, and death with acceptance and dignity.

There was also be a chance for participants to take a more active part in a moderated, small group conversation at the end of Saturday’s presentations.

On Saturday evening, Oct. 3rd, the Ernest Becker Foundation hosted a special opportunity to mingle with Sheldon Solomon and other conference speakers over cocktails and canapés at Bambudda Restaurant in Gastown.