Audio Recordings

Dialogue on Man

Thanks to a lead provided by former Becker student, in 2015 the Ernest Becker Foundation located audio files of presentations in which Becker participated as part of the “Dialogue on Man” series in 1972. The series was produced by CBC radio and the UBC Department of Continuing Education. Although the sound quality is not what we would like, these recordings present a rare opportunity for Becker fans to hear the man himself speak about his ideas.

February 21, 1972

Ernest Becker (SFU), Fulton Fisher (SFU), Eric Layland
(Our source was missing the final 1/3 of the February 21 session, but please enjoy the first 2/3)

March 6, 1972

Ernest Becker (SFU), Fulton Fisher (SFU), Elbridge Rand (UBC)

April 10, 1972

Ernest Becker (SFU), Fulton Fisher (SFU), Ervin Laszlo (New York College of Arts and Sciences)