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Single CD lecture recordings and multiple CD conference sets are both available through our store. Some recordings are great for newcomers and others are tailored to Becker experts. This section includes something for everyone.

introIn early May, the EBF was pleased to host a visit by Corey Anton, Professor of Communication Studies at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Professor Anton has been a friend of the EBF for many years, but this was the first time busy schedules facilitated a trip to Seattle. Anton is not only a university professor and author of a number of significant books, but he has also has become a very popular “public intellectual” through his hundreds of short “chats” posted on YouTube, in which he employs his specialized professional knowledge to inform his commentaries on contemporary issues. Those talks average around 4,000 views, with some of them registering more than 50,000 views!

introThe EBF's conference in the Fall of 2012 was a rousing success. Consisting of a retrospective overview of our organization paired with an exciting look to the future of Becker's synthesis this is a CD set no collection should be without. Featuring Sheldon Solomon, Kirby Farrell, Philip Hansten, Jeremy Sherman, Lori Marino, Michael Mountain, Jason Hawreliak, and a teacher panel consisting of Dave Whitson, Bill Bornschein, John Kornichuk and Sue Hoffman.
introFor the uninitiated, our best public speaker, Sheldon Solomon, makes a serious subject entertaining. This introduction is highly recommended for all. The mp3 can be downloaded from our website (here), and you can read the transcript (here) all for free. Or you can order a CD, and support the EBF, for only $5.
keencd2This hospital conversation occurred a few months before Becker died. We are indebted to Sam Keen for making it available to us. It conforms to the text published in Psychology Today (April 1974) entitled "The Heroics of Everyday Life: A Theorist of Death Confronts His Own End." (A transcript of the same interview is available at this link.)
rank(This lecture was originally titled: "Just Say No? Humans Make the Unreal Real!")
As important as he was to Becker, Rank is famously dense to most of us. Solomon's animated intro is a must.
ecoViolence against nature has concerned the EBF from the first. This fall conference, our 13th, highlighted famous environmentalist Bill McKibben, an appreciator of Becker, on "The End of Nature and the Beginning of Community." Others included "Lethal Consumption" by Sheldon Solomon, "Why Do Brands Exist?" by Jeff Bell, "Detroit Wilderness" by Marcel O'Gorman, "Violence, Nature and the Religious Imperative of Transcendence" by Anne Vallely, and "Living in the Truth of Creation: Ecological Realism and the Politics of Sacrifice" by Karen Litfin.
dyingThe second EBF-sponsored summer conference on end-of-life issues in 2006, featuring physicians Ira Byock, Randall Curtis, Stuart Farber, and John Wynn, and from theological backgrounds, Nancy Chambers, Daniel Liechty, and the Director, Herbert Anderson.

The Psychological Underpinnings of Supernatural Beliefs

Fantasy of flight is a universal human experience. Is there something psychologically significant that underlies this, and all humankind's lofty aspirations? Sheldon Solomon challenges those who cavalierly assert that religion is just an epiphenomenon to be thrown out. He also advances preliminary evidence that flight imagery can be therapeutic for sufferers of PTSD. A handout is included with the CD.

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"If a way to the better there be, it lies in taking a full look at the worst."

Thomas Hardy,
Epigraph Escape From Evil