TMT warrants special attention, as a clearly ground-breaking and startlingly bold confrontation with the conventional wisdom in social sciences and its implications in the broader philosophical disciplines. Over the past 25 years a pioneering group of experimental social psychologists has amassed a scientifically significant body of empirical evidence substantiating Ernest Becker's synthesis to an amazing degree.

Daniel Liechty, writing in the dedication for The Becker Reader rightly praises the originators of Terror Management Theory as "three who refused to believe it when told these ideas could never be tested scientifically." TMT has grown from a belittled and obscure theory to become the most cited material in the scientific literature seeking to understand the existential roots of terrorist violence. Through their work, that of their students, and now even the students of their students, TMT has gained a strong and expanding reputation.

A full bibliography of TMT material is available at the Terror Management Theory website.

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Our Guiding Principles

" is the disguise of panic that makes us live in ugliness, and not the natural animal wallowing... this means that evil itself is now amenable to critical analysis and, conceivably, to the sway of reason"

Ernest Becker,
Escape from Evil